February 27, 2018



Karrueche Tran takes us through another one of her workouts with phlexx60. Follow along below:


Dynamic Warm Up 

Stationary Squat Lateral Step with a Resistance Band Above the Knees :12 reps each side 

Resistance Band Squats: 20 reps 

Lateral Walk Feet Shoulder Width Apart Throughout the Movement: 12 steps 


Giant Set 

Lateral Squat to Dumbbell Press: 12 reps each side 

Bosu Ball Dumbbell Split Squats: 12 reps 

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls: 12 reps 


Super Set 

Cable Kick Backs: 12 reps 

Cable Leg Pulses: 15 reps 


3-4 rounds