When Should You Go for Your Pipes Relined?

For the last few years, people have started using new technology to repair their damaged pipes, which is known as the relining process. So, have you noticed any of the following issues with the water lately?

  • An odd smell
  • An odd discolouration

If yes, then it could be an issue with the pipelines. Now just remember while replacing the pipes in the traditional method, it used to be an expensive digging and creating lots of mess around your premise, which was not only a very time-consuming process but quite expensive too.

However, with this new, alternative of Wilco Relining of pipes, where the current pipe infrastructure will remain in place, but the pipelining will be replaced. The effect will be almost the same as installing a brand new pipe, but without all the hassle involved to get the new pipes installed.

Although the process for relining a pipe is a bit complicated too, however, it is quite interesting. After a problem is noticed in the pipes, a few types of machinery and high water pressure will be used for removing problems of debris and slit buildup, after the blockages are removed.

After that, your pipe is ready for relining. Usually, the lining is done by using a strong material called UPVC and it is then pushed into the pipe by using air pressure. After all the linings are installed, it is then cleaned with water, for washing away all leftover residues.

Look for the following few signs before you take up the pipe relining process:

1. Low water pressure

There can be several reasons for water pressure getting low and one of the most reasons is because of certain issues with the pipes. Get it inspected and if it is due to pipes then you can go for this process.

2. Foul odor from your sink or drains

If your pipeline is in parallel with sewer lines then due to certain pipe issues your water may get contaminated and create a foul smell. Sometimes due to corrosion of pipes may also create odor.

3. You notice water stains

If water stains are noticed then it is certainly because of a leaky pipeline and soon it is going to burst if you notice mould has created on the surrounding walls.

4. Frequent clogs

There can always be clogging noticed in the pipelines due to many reasons, however, if the problem is getting generated too frequently and consistently then it is due to certain issues with the pipes.

5. Tree roots have damaged your piping

Often tree roots get spread and can damage your pipelines. In such a case you need to take action.

6. Gurgling toilet noises

Often you may notice a gurgling type of noise coming from your toilets and bathroom pipelines which indicates that there are certain blockages in the flow of water. If this symptom persists for longer then you must consider pipe relining.

7. Lower quality of water

If you notice that your water is getting coloured or it is smelling then there is a possibility that there are cracks developed within the pipeline and sewage water may be leaking into the water supply.

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