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Guide to Easily Calculate the Optimal CBD Dosage for Your Pets

Dealing with health ailments of pets is a common concern among many pet owners. Lately many pet owners are incorporating CBD as a part of their pet’s daily diet since it has proved its mettle in fixing many health issues in pets. CBD infused products for pets are easily available online.

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Importance of administering right dosage for pets:

There is lack of official dosing guidelines due to absence of extensive research. This makes it trickier to determine the right dosage but you could work within a specific dosage range. When the dosage is insufficient, your pet would experience no effects while with overdose your pet could experience side effects (rare) or the effects wouldn’t be as strong as with optimal dose.

Determining the optimal CBD dosage for pets:

The optimal dosage varies for each pet owing to many factors. There are different breeds and dog sizes.  Hence calculation of dosage is done depending on the pet’s weight. When it comes to bigger dogs, they might have put on more weight after their previous vet appointment. This prefixed CBD Tier dosage guideline would be more helpful to plan the dosage.

  • Low dose: 0.25 mg/lb
  • Regular dose: 0.5 mg/lb
  • Strong dose: 1 mg/lb

You could choose between these three doses depending on the severity of the condition. Many prefer to be on the safer side and start with low doses and increase the dose depending on the effects. If you don’t notice any adverse effects, increase the dosage.

Keep increasing the dosage within the dosage guideline range until you notice effective results. When you notice a spike in the symptoms on certain days, it is safe to increase the dosage. Administering regular dose is recommended for your pet’s general wellness, digestive issues, nausea, minor skin conditions and to deal with minor stress and pain.

For cancer-related pain, seizures, severe joint pain, mobility issues, tumor, extreme nausea, vomiting and severe anxiety, higher doses can be administered. If the dosage doesn’t display expected results, increase it and if you notice any slight behavioral changes or drowsiness in your pet, tone down the CBD dose. Monitor your pet closely to determine the optimal dosage.

CBD Tinctures VS CBD pet treats:

It is to easier to measure the accurate dosage with tinctures which makes it easier for pet owners to calculate. Tinctures come with a dropper and CBD is easily absorbed into the body through tinctures. On the other hand, CBD pet treats are way easier to administer to fussy pets. You’ll just have to grab a couple of those treats and give them.

The optimal dosage exhibits the highest efficiency. It will take some attempts of trial and error to determine the optimal dosage for your pet.

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