Why You Should Hire SEO Agency During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Just entering the year 2020 and COVID 19 has disrupted the lives of the whole world. People are making changes in their everyday lives for welcoming the “new normal” and businesses are facing a lot of pressure and bracing themselves for changing their habits in the coming years. Only businesses that are deemed essential needs to be open during this critical time. Businesses that are not deemed essential must be encouraged to maintain social distancing to flatten the curve. Many businesses have shifted to the home set up phase for…

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Home Improvement 

Take Advantage Of Motion Sensor Ceiling Lights For Home And Commercial Setting

Simplify your life by installing a ceiling light with motion sensor! Tired of looking for the light switch when you walk through your garage or climb your stairs with your arms full of whole week’s groceries? There’s a simple solution to it, install a ceiling light with a motion sensor, and you’ll avoid potential accidents. Here are a few tips. Why install a ceiling light with motion sensor at home? Installing a ceiling light with a motion sensor means you don’t have to worry about whether the light is on…

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