Tips for Effective Music Promotion on TikTok

Music drives TikTok, where more than half a billion worldwide users share things like lip-synch videos or dance challenges with their favorite song in the background or emotional photos or how-to videos. It is a social app that helps musicians promote their album and connect with their fans. Besides, building fan base artists can earn revenue when their music gets used.

Reasons TikTok is a great platform for music promotion

  • The videos are short ranging from 15 to 60 seconds.
  • The videos get displayed vertically in 1080 x 1920.
  • It is more about participation.
  • You can shoot videos in increments
  • Videos can be produced within the TikTok app

How to get your music on TikTok videos?

With MusicDigi distributing services, you can get your music into TikTok. Another way is through Apple Music or DIY. You can upload your audio on the app, which can be looked for and used by other TikTok users.

  • Upload a video including a clip of your preferred album.
  • Click on the profile photo at the bottom of the screen.
  • Name your video, choose the artist name and track name so that others can find you easily.

Tips for effective music promotion on TikTok

Your music is now available on TikTok. Now, it is time to promote your music to make it go viral.

Follow other active musicians 

Even if you don’t prefer the active musician’s genre or songs, follow then. You will soon learn what is needed for musicians willing to gain success on TikTok.

Have fun

TikTok is an entertaining platform. Don’t turn serious while creating content because you will find it hard to synch with TikTok users. Even if you have to do something silly on camera, no issue! Enjoy and have fun!

Never stress on perfection

TikTok is not about polish or refine. Awkwardness, quirkiness, flaws, and offensive things get more traction. Never be afraid to be yourself. Never feel pressurized to look perfect. Get weird, silly but stay true!

It is not your song but the melodic moment that matters

Familiarity makes your TikTok video go viral or a playlist goes hit. Find 15 to 20 seconds within your lyrics that inspire people to create lip-synch or crazy dances. You get a chance to get hooked over again and again.

Think visuals

Like dance! Choreograph a fun dance on your song. Even though you will find it a little challenging, it is realistic for your fans. They will imitate the moves creatively and share it again! You can dare your fans to create their own videos!

TikTok is different than other social channels

Your single audio or video can get a huge hit on TikTok. It doesn’t mean you need to go on adding fresh content like other social platforms. Some popular musicians upload a few videos, but their songs have inspired thousands, who have created their own videos using the musician’s song.


TikTok operates on hashtags. Therefore, share a blend of specific hashtags along with general ones which will create curiosity among strangers.

TikTok is a platform where videos, songs, and personalities collide in an awkward but interesting way. MusicDigi can help you sell your music on popular streaming and music stores with ease. They desire to help you connect with global listeners!

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