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Common Hair Clog Causes and Tips to Fix

Clogged or slow drains are frustrating. A household experiences huge inconvenience with clogged drains because it encourages foul odor and bacteria growth. Each home struggles with drain clogs and if you don’t get familiar with how to resolve them then the chances that it can trigger health issues increase.

Common reasons for drain clogs and tips to fix


When you shower hair falls or it can even drop when you shave or comb your hair at the bathroom sink. Even furry animal hair can contribute to the clogs in laundry, bathtub, shower, and bathroom drains. Hair can knot and mix with grease and soap causing stubborn clogs.


The homemade mixture of vinegar and baking soda is a safe and eco-friendly solution. It acts just like the commercial drain cleaners. Pour a cup of baking soda first down the drain, and then a cup of vinegar. There will be an acidic reaction, which helps to clear the drains and release hair clogs. Flush the drain with hot water after an hour. It will help to check if the drain is clear or not. If it is clear, the drain will get cleaned with hot water. For blocked drains Sydney, call Wilco Plumbing Services!

Grease builds up

Grease and fat buildup in the kitchen sink, which can block the drains. The grease and oil from the dishes and vessels you wash stick to drain pipe interiors and eventually blocks the water to flow through.


The first step is to avoid flushing fatty foodstuff leftover down the drain. Grease cools and hardens within the pipe. A cool way is to collect the grease or oil in plastic containers and throw away with your garbage. If you have a blockage then pour boiling water down the drain, which will loosen the grease and fat from the sides of the pipe and get flushed away.


People flush toiletries like baby wipes and nappies down the toilet. These items absorb water and swell. This quickly blocks water drains.


Toiletries deposit is harmful to the environment. Dispose of toiletries with the garbage. If you are already having a toilet blockage, call professional plumbing services to clear it. However, ensure that it never occurs in the future.

Foreign objects

From sanitary items to food buildup to toys and other foreign materials that get accidentally or intentionally dropped down the drain, eventually cause blockage


Ensure that young children don’t flush anything, dispose of kitchen scrap properly, and ensure that no foreign objects get dropped inside the drain.


There is a wrong belief that anything can get washed down the drain. Dirt buildups eventually! This causes clogs, especially when it gets attached to grease, hair, or soap.


Use a safe drain cleaner or a plumber’s snake to remove the clog.

Tree roots

A tiny crack in pipe allows tree roots to make its way inside. As roots enter inside the pipe, they grow large causing damages and obstructing water flow.


Call professional plumbers to take care of this problem because it is complicated. They have the tools to do it without any need to excavate.

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