Learn Ways To SEO Optimize Landing Pages Of Your Business

Landing pages are generally optimized for the objective of conversions. When optimized for SEO, these pages can list at higher ranks in Google’s SERP. This implies more traffic as well as more conversions.

In this article, we will talk more about landing page SEO and ways to optimize them for both conversions, and search engines.

About a landing page

The landing page is the first webpage that your viewers see when they land on your website. This could also be the homepage of the website. Talking in terms of digital marketing, a landing page is the one that you want your viewers to see after they click on any internal or external advertisement from the campaigns.

These pages have got a specific purpose to play in the business. They may not have all the elements that are needed on a normal page but they are structured to lead users to perform a specific action.

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About an SEO Landing page

This page has all the attributes of a landing page. It is designed to be SEO friendly and is mainly optimized for conversions. In some cases, Landing pages should not be SEO optimized. This is when they are made for a temporary period or a short SEO campaign.  In that case, a landing page isn’t worth putting your effort and time.

What are the benefits of an SEO optimized landing page?

In most of the cases, it becomes necessary to carry out SEO work on landing pages. It will help a business in several ways that include:

  • improves chances to rank higher for all the search terms that you need
  • it is beneficial for branding
  • SEO principles make a webpage “user friendly”, so when you SEO optimize your webpage it enhances the user experience too
  • They are quick to load
  • They display your desktop contents in a compact form on varying devices without any need of horizontal scrolling
  • They do not have popups or any other irritating elements for users.
  • They appear good on varying resolutions.

Ways to develop SEO Friendly Landing Page in a business?

Steps to follow to SEO optimize your website’ landing page/pages:

  • Upload and Publish website landing pages to your domain
  • Optimize the URLs of your landing page
  • Make the landing pages “https”
  • Decide the keywords for which you would want to get ranked for
  • Optimize for “On-Page SEO”
  • Optimize for “Content SEO”
  • Optimize Videos and Images on the landing pages
  • Add structured data markup
  • Optimize landing pages for Mobile
  • Optimize landing pages for Speed
  • Add internal links that point to the landing page
  • Promote the landing page and obtain backlinks
  • Use “301 redirections” to combine SEO efforts


Due to Google’s mobile-first index, it has become important to SEO optimize landing pages on the website. By implementing these ways, you can easily optimize the landing page of your website and improve website rankings.


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