Push Camera – Learn How It Helps With Sewer Inspection

Push cameras get shoved inside the drainpipe, or sewer to evaluate the pipes for efficient detection of cracks, leakage, rust, root intrusion, etc. This camera determines the precise region of damage and repair for a particular pipeline. The quick identification of the damage helps to save plenty of time and the cost of reintegration.

In this article, you will learn more about push cameras and its importance of sewer inspection.

What type of inspection can you perform with a push camera?

To get the best benefit from a push camera you will need to identify your requirements. Push camera is effective in performing a basic inspection of wall cavities, sinks, or external areas of air ducts. You can use it to effectively inspect drains, chimneys, sewers, and long HVAC ducts.

This camera is the ideal combination of lightness, compactness, and high durability for heavy use daily. With water-resistant insertion tubes, a wide selection of probes in varying diameter and lengths, and video and image capture options, this camera offers a lot of flexibility to users.

USA Boroscope is the leading provider of highly efficient and rugged push camera that offers a detailed and clear examination of the issue. They can be used for a variety of purposes that includes inspection in wastewater pipes, ventilation lines, industrial systems, and industrial systems.

How does this camera work in the sewer system?

This camera is designed to be waterproof. It is pushed inside into the sewer line, or drain with the help of a push rod. This rod can be of a length of a hundred meters. This makes it beneficial for examination in long pipelines. The camera is available in basic and advanced forms that enable plan evaluation or the self-leveling type and pan or tilt option.

It is joined to a monitor that enables the user to make stationary images and video footage of the examination. These cameras are designed to work in challenging situations and are convenient to use. This camera is valuable for a trenchless contractor as it saves the requirement for manual inspection that can be unsafe and hazardous.

Various types of products can be used for inspection such as microDrain and microReel cameras, Standard and Self Leveling inspection systems, etc. MicroExplorer video scope and Micro Inspection Camera do not have to be combined with the wide spectrum of video borescopes.

Features of Camera for Contractors

Some of the valuable features that the camera provides for contractors include:

  • pushrod of length up to forty meters
  • remarkable illumination of examination region due to twelve vibrant LED lights,
  • 1′ camera head with scratch-proof sapphire glass lens, and CCD chip
  • inbuilt digital video recorder with inbuilt 9′ TFT glass LCD,
  • JPEG image / AVI Video file capture function,
  • video output to a television monitor,
  • memory card slot and
  • USB to move captured documents to a computer, and
  • integrated 512Hz sonde per transmitter for improved traceability


Push camera can be a very useful tool for the inspection of leakage and breakage in the sewer line and pipe. With several features and precise detection capability, this camera offers the best repair of all types of issues in the sewer line.

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