Reasons to Buy Your Plants from a Local Nursery

With the modern trend towards buying local when possible, many gardeners are rediscovering the positive aspects of buying stock from local nurseries. Buying plants from local growers isn’t just about supporting local businesses, however, as there are multiple positive aspects that come with buying local flora from people who are growing in your own community.

Finding local nurseries is as easy as opening your search engine of choice and searching “plant nursery near me.” Doing that will likely yield a list of local plant retailers in your area who sell to the public. By purchasing from nurseries near you, you can realize the many benefits of buying local plants that go well beyond the simple advantages of keeping your money in the local economy. Keep reading to learn more reasons that you should buy your plants from a local nursery when possible.

Better Plants

When you buy from a big box home improvement store or garden center, the plants you receive have probably seen better days. Transporting and storing plants is difficult, and plants are susceptible to stress from a variety of environmental factors. Just moving them from one climate to another can start a cascade of negative consequences that keep your plants from prospering. Many times, the plants you get from such retailers are already compromised, which means that you may be replacing them sooner rather than later.

Advice from Staff

When you buy plants from a big box retailer, you’re largely on your own when it comes to information and recommendations about plant species and their requirements. However, when you buy directly from a local nursery, you can benefit from the knowledge of the staff. The staff at a local plant nursery are usually gardeners or growers themselves, which means they can tell you about the needs of each plant species and can aid you in picking the perfect plants for your growing conditions.

Native Plants

Not only are the plants found at local nurseries more acclimated to your environmental conditions, but you’ll also be able to purchase plants that are native to your area. At big box retailers, the plant varieties are mostly homogenous from one community to another, since such stores buy large quantities of plants that can fair well in a wide variety of climates. However, a local nursery will stock local plants that are native to the area and better suited for your community.

No Invasive Species

When you buy from large plant retailers who ship plants from far away, the chance of importing an invasive species of plant or pest is much greater than when you buy from a local nursery. Local nurseries feature stock that originated in your community, which means that no new pests can hitch a ride and set up in your location. That’s an important consideration since invasive species can cause significant damage to native plant and animal diversity.

If you plan to purchase plants for your garden or landscape, the first thing you should do is type “plant nursery near me” into your search engine. Buying from a local nursery is better for the economy, better for your garden, and better for you. The benefits of buying local are difficult to ignore, so start your next plant search with a nursery near you.

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