How Can You Change Your Lane in a Safe Manner While Driving?

While driving on the highway often you have to drive through multi-lane roads and often you may need to change your lane too. Changing lanes while driving should be done in a proper manner. This will make sure no confusion is created within the traffic.

While undergoing driving lessons Deer Park, perhaps you were explained about it however, when you have to change the lane for the first time often there may be certain confusion, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the road.

Basic principles of changing of lanes are more or less the same like any other directional change or taking turn, except here you will usually not slow down or even stop during changing the lane.

Here you must make sure that you are going at the same speed like before while you are moving into new lane.

Procedure for changing lanes

While changing lanes you must be very much aware about what all is going around you. This means you must look ahead behind and also alongside and see what is coming beside you.

  1. As you decide that now you have to now change lanes, just scan ahead to look whether there is anything up ahead, which would make it a bad idea, like you may end up in a queue where traffic is stopped.
  2. Next you must do 3 standard step routine
  • Look at your mirror
  • Check the signal
  • Check your blind-spot
  1. Whether there is any gap or not you must give signal, so that other drivers should know what your intention is. Give them enough time to react as per your signal and then make a gap.
  2. You must keep on scanning and continue to check ahead for your blind spot prior to changing your lanes. If your gap is enough then merge decisively and smoothly into it.

Now drift gently across, but do not swerve. Maintain your speed as per flow of the traffic in new lane and again check your mirrors.

If you are driving on expressways or any other arterial roads where there may be more than two lanes going in same direction also, you must watch the cars moving in other lanes, whether anyone is not trying to move in the same gap that where you are going.

Whether you intend to change lanes to turn right or left, you must change lanes much earlier to give yourself enough time to safely turn.

The main things that you must practice and master for changing lanes are:

  • Quickly pick the gap for moving into,
  • Not to move too close to any car in front or car behind you
  • Ensure that you check over the shoulder before you try to move into lane.

Road rules

As per the law, while changing lanes, following few things must always be adhered to:

  • Change lanes only when it is absolutely safe
  • Offer way to any other vehicle travelling in the other lane in same direction

Offer signal for change of direction and enough warning to other user of the road before you change your lanes.

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