Few Common Mistakes that Most New Bong Users Can Make

Those who have never used any bong may not be aware about the experience of smoking in such device and often may end up doing plenty of mistakes.

If you want to smoke weed then you will need bong and for enjoying it properly, you must acquire sufficient amount of experience too. 

Nowadays use of pots and weeds are also socially accepted and you will find many renowned musicians, actors and scientists are also smoking some weeds of their choice.

However, as a new user of bong, many of you may end up doing following mistakes:

    1. Not knowing their limits

Most of the time, new users are not aware about their limits and may end up consuming much more weeds which can be beyond their tolerance limit.

Smoking weeds can be compared with alcohol consumption, where one should know how much they can tolerate. By exceeding limit can only result in very bad experience and one can become laughable stock before others.

    2. Inhaling too fast

Bongs can be much more intense as compared to smoking cigarette and cigar. Many people must have seen in a movie and a new user may try to imitate them and end up inhaling too fast.

That will result in excess coughing and therefore it is always advisable to start with very small puff until you become comfortable enough to take a longer puff.

    3. Not preparing weed

Improper grinding or breaking up of the weed will just sabotage the bong functioning. Your herb will be fully functional when it will be prepared properly and also stacked in your bowl in proper manner.

    4. Letting your bong get dirty

After end of every session, if you did not clean up your bong then a smoke layer will get accumulated inside. After longer use, you may find it much more difficult to get it cleaned.

Also, if you try to clean after it becomes too dirty then there is always a chance of getting your bong fractured at different places.

    5. Not getting any cheap bong

Often as a new buyer, there is every chance that due to excitement, you may end up purchasing a very expensive bong without really knowing its functionality and other technical details. 

To start with, one should buy an inexpensive bong from online and get used to it first and then go for an advanced one.

    6. Buying inadequate number of bongs

If you are inviting many people in the party who would like to use bongs then you need to buy sufficient quantity of bong, so that it can serve well depending upon a number of people.

    7. Overfilling water

You can always go ahead and fill it up completely up to brim of stem unless you like to choke it in scented water. 

Right technique will be to fill with water at bottom so that its brim of bottom is filled and down stem remains midway in entire volume of water once inserted. 

More than that, it may cause an outburst because of pressure difference experienced as stem cross sectional area is low.

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