5 Reasons Walk In Showers Are a Must for Seniors

If you (or someone you love) has mobility issues, you understand the value of taking all steps that are necessary in order to maintain your independence. This is of particular importance when taking a shower. The act of taking a shower becomes more difficult as we get older, and can even become a dangerous thing to do. One of the most popular ways to alleviate this threat is by replacing your current shower with a walk in shower. Here are a few reasons you should investigate walk in shower units for your home.

1. Greater Independence

The desire for independence is innate to all of us. As we age, however, some activities simply become too difficult to do on our own. Among these is showering. Since most showers are shower/tub combos, in order to take a shower, you have to scale an enormous wall, and that’s simply too challenging and dangerous for many people to do on their own. Walk in showers remove the barrier, so you can shower whenever you like without having to rely on family or a caregiver.

2. Encourage Better Hygiene

As showering becomes more difficult, you might be more willing to put it off than wait for help. The result is fewer showers and worse hygiene. Walk in showers, however, are so easy to use, you’ll want to take a shower just as much as you always have.

3. Designed for Safety

Walk in showers are built with the needs of seniors in mind. The surfaces are non-slip, and there are handles within easy reach, so you always feel secure. Also, they’re equipped with a bench or a seat, so you can sit in comfort whenever you like while showering with the help of easy to reach controls and a hand-held shower wand.

4. Their Customizable

When you shop for walk in shower units, you might be surprised at how customizable they are.  You can determine the kind of seat and shower head you want, and even the look of the metal finish.

5. They’re Stylish

Just because they’re built with safety in mind doesn’t mean that walk in showers would be mistaken for something you might find in a hospital. In fact, by getting rid of the tub element, walk in showers open up your bathroom, breathing new life into it by making it look more modern.

The fact is, many people so love their walk in shower units, they often wonder how they ever got by without them.

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