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Know More About Ketamine and Its Effects

In the health care sector, ketamine is popular as an anesthetic drug. Since decades it has been used as a pain reliever and anti depressive agent. Unfortunately, the dark side of Ketamine is that it is used as a recreational drug by many, which harms the general health of the user. Yes, it is one of abused club drug and thus illegal to be bought without a prescription.

Ketamine is used in surgical units of hospitals and the drug is stated to be of best help to be free from symptoms of excessive depressive thoughts. It has great effects on certain brain receptors, thus stimulates them to remain stable and does not let it malfunctioning leading to mental disorders. However, while using ketamine individuals need to be careful while administering its dosage. Hence, to be on the safer side, it is best to get it in clinical care unit.

More about ketamine and its effects:

Ketamine compound journey started as an anesthetic medicine in the year 1960. It was a great help to treat Vietnam War warriors. In those dreadful times not only, the drug acted as a sedative while the soldiers’ injuries were treated as it became a great pain reliever while consumed in lower dosage.

In later years, Ketamine drug was discovered to be a great anti depressant aid. Symptoms of depression can vanish while getting ketamine via an IV or through nasal mist in hospitals specialized in providing ketamine infusion therapy. The effects can be realized in few hours or within a day.

The work of ketamine as anti depressant aid is because the drug elements can affect the brain cells that control an individual’s mood. Hence, they are affective compared to other anti-depressant medical methods. This is the basic reason why excess of ketamine elements may prove harmful and the user may experience hallucination and faint.

The dark side of ketamine:

Ketamine like any other useful drug can’t be used without prescription. The side effects are severe and will require medical aid to cure the ill effects of consuming ketamine in higher dosage. Individuals using ketamine for recreational purpose or as a regular pain reliever medicine can get addicted to the drug.

The side effects of ketamine’s excess dosage:

  • Urine bladder gets affected – Thus, person will feel pain while urinating and sometimes there is blood with urine. Also, the person may feel like urinating often.
  • The color of the skin, lips and nails turns bluish.
  • Feel pain in chest and trouble in breathing freely.
  • Not able to have clear vision or have clear thoughts, thus the person remains in state of confusion.
  • Heartbeat remains irregular thus it may beat slowly or at faster rate.
  • Can realize many allergic issues like rashes on skin and feel continuous itching of skin.
  • The person feels lightheaded and remains in state of dizziness for longer hours.

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