The Most Common Application of Industrial Chillers

Various industries require cooling. The type of chiller to be used highly depends on the application and how low the temperature needs to be. Some customers aren’t aware of which one they must get until they’re presented with samples. These allow them to have an idea of what their situation calls for and whether it will be beneficial to them.

If you’re looking for a chiller but unsure which one you need, here’s a few guidelines you can use for your search. These applications should give you an idea of which type best matches your requirements.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning

HVAC systems are the most common applications of chillers. These machines are popular for generating high amounts of heat during use. To prevent these units from overheating and their plastic parts from melting, they require a mechanism that helps keep them cool. Depending on the size of the HVAC device, a lower or higher cooling tower may be used.

Medical Equipment

Large medical machines for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) load up on a lot of electricity and magnetic energy that generates heat during operation. To allow these units to continue scanning daily without breaking down, they have to be kept cool using chillers. The extremely hot temperatures are effectively dispersed this way, which in turn helps preserve equipment life.

Beverage Production

Most beverages require cooking and mixing during manufacturing (pasteurizing in some cases). Once the products are ready, they’re transferred to containers for distribution to resellers. But, they can’t be poured into bottles or cans hot. They have to be cooled down first before they’re moved and sealed. Chillers are used to speed up the whole process.

Plastic Fabrication

A lot of heat is necessary to melt and reshape plastic. In this process, cooling is used to harden these products and keep the machinery from overheating. This allows operators to extend the life of the equipment and prevent it from shutting down because of extremely high temperatures.


The ink used in printing houses is dried in hot ovens. Too much of this heat will render these products unusable. The right amount of coolness has to be introduced duringthe process to prevent the rollers from melting the material they’re printing on.

Rubber Fabrication

The machine used to create rubber is made up of sections that operate on several completely different temperatures. To ensure that the end product is of the same consistency every single time, a chiller is used to help control the heat of the units. They also serve as preventative measures so these pieces of equipment can keep working properly for longer.

These are just some of the most common applications of coolers. If you’re interested in getting one for your business, there are plenty of industrial chillers manufacturers to call. They can guide you and help you decide which machines will work best foryour enterprise.

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