Emotional and Social Wellbeing Is Important to Avoid Drug Dependency

If you want to remain socially and emotionally stable then you must remain connected to your family, culture, spirituality as well as your community.

When people get disconnected with all these then their mental and emotional health gets affected and in order to escape from their trouble, they usually take refuge by using certain drugs or alcohol.

Couples rehab centers too found that when couple becomes aloof from the society then they tend to get addicted to certain drugs or alcohol together and try to find pleasure on them.

Though many couple may think that they are taking such drugs or alcohol for their mental health problem however in realty these drugs can become the reason of their mental problem.

Dependence on drug and alcohol

If a person continues to take any drug or alcohol for very long time even if he or she knows that all these can harm them then the person is considered to be an addicted person.

After some time, these people will need to consume more amounts of such drugs in order to get similar effect that they used to experience as their body would have developed sufficient tolerance against these drugs.

They may also experience withdrawal symptoms, if they fail to get these drugs or alcohol for some time. These withdrawal symptoms will come up as and when the level of drug or alcohol will reduce in their blood.

In various couples therapy for addiction, I have found many such couples who are victims of alcohol, and drug dependence.

There are many different kinds of drugs that can make people addicted and few drugs can be much more addictive as compared to other drugs.

Various symptoms and signs of drug/alcohol dependence

Following are few signs and symptoms that can tell you that the person has become dependent on certain drug or alcohol:

  • They often are unable to go for their school, work or do all those things that they usually would do
  • They may use substances in certain situations which is quite dangerous like driving a car in drunken condition
  • They may have legal problems due to substance use, like get arrested for taking illegal drugs
  • They may continue to take drugs even though it may cause them problems in their personal and social lives, like getting into physical fights with their friends or having arguments with the partner
  • They often need to use higher quantity of substance to get same effects
  • They will use substances for longer period than they planned
  • They find it very difficult to cut down their amount that they are using
  • They may spend lots of their time either obtaining the drugs or recovering from the effects of using those drugs
  • They recognize that using substances will cause them physical/mental problems but still they will continue to use.

Various effects on mental health due to alcohol

Following problems can be caused due to drinking alcohol:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Restless sleep
  • Too strong feelings like feeling very angry during anger or too sad when one feels sad.
  • Memory loss

Various effects on mental health due to drugs

  • Short-term psychotic episode
  • Feeling suspicion, confusion and hallucinations
  • Trigger psychotic behavior
  • Trigger schizophrenia
  • Depression
  • Anxious and panic
  • Suicidal tendency

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