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Effective Tips to Care After Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planing are few effective dental methods that help in case of bacterial infections like plaque surrounding teeth and gum tissues. Plaque is formed due to presence of bacteria in our mouth and this happens when you do not maintain proper oral hygiene. The bacteria thrive in saliva and gradually get accumulated over gum and at the teeth base. In later stage, the acid elements of plaque form cavities near the tooth base and fill it up as well.

If left unchecked plaque causes more harm resulting in removal of teeth and spreading the bacteria in the whole body. Thus, the best curable way to get rid of the microbes for ever is to clean your teeth by expert dentists in your locality. Once the gumline is cleaned, it is free from microbes.

What will be your immediate observation after scaling and root planing is complete?

  • You are sure to feel uncomfortable accompanied by severe pain for few hours after the procedure. However, the discomfort will subside to dull pain once you take rest.
  • For few days, you will find that tooth is sensitive to extreme hot and cold food and liquid stuff. Even sweet food may be causing some discomfort for few days.
  • There may be swelling and redness of gums for few days that usually fades away during the healing process.
  • When you brush there may be slight bleeding seen for few days.
  • The appearance of gums may seem abnormal for few days as it will take time to heal and moreover, they are changing shape to regain lost position of staying firmly surrounding the tooth base. Some people even observe root of the teeth being exposed until the gums heal and slowly stick around the tooth base.

Nonetheless, only getting the treatment of scaling and root planing done by a dentist will not help to fully get rid of the plaque. To be safe, you need to adapt right after care process.

Here are few easy to follow after care process:

  • For reducing the sensitivity of tooth, you can use desensitizing fluoride to apply on gums and even use desensitizing toothpaste to brush teeth.
  • Avoid hot or chill food and drinks for few days.
  • You can even say no to hard and oily food stuff for a week at least. You can eat boiled food and mild hot coffee or tea.
  • It is best to have couple of hours rest after the dental deep cleaning process is complete.
  • No need to vigorously brush or floss few days until you feel that gums have fully healed. To maintain more hygiene and to stop bad breath because of bleeding, you can use anti-microbial rinse wash solutions.

To know more about after care process once scaling and root planing is done in the dental clinic, visit the websites of popular dentists such as You will get right explanation about the clinical process of cleaning the gums and teeth to eliminate the microbes.

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