Four Ways Schools are Promoting Inclusion

Teachers and other faculty at schools are continuously working to focus on the classroom and overall experience offered to children. Studies have shown that children who enjoy their experience in school and feel included in events and activities tend to flourish and are able to complete their work more easily. Schools are utilizing new techniques in order to promote inclusion in schools. These methods include installing buddy benches, leading by example, embracing diversity and promoting positivity in the classroom.

Buddy Bench

Buddy benches are developed in an effort to foster a culture of kindness and inclusion in schools. The benches are being added to playgrounds and surrounding areas within the school to build a community that embraces students of all ages and backgrounds. Schools can also pick from a variety of colors as well as buddy bench designs with custom wording underneath the design. This allocates a space where students can search while pondering activities to join and feel a sense of safety on the buddy bench. For schools, this has increased the level of enthusiasm by students who have utilized them.

Leading by Example

One of the best ways to promote inclusion in schools is through leading by example. When children see adults, especially those they look up to, displaying acts of kindness and inclusiveness, they’re likely to replicate these actions. This provides an example of proper interactions between people of all ages.

Embracing Diversity

America is a cultural melting pot and children from all over the world are seeking an education in America. It’s important to teach children the value in diversity and how to embrace it. Whether this is through the diverse talents, religion, or socioeconomic background, diversity is an important part of cultural influences and how they can be embraced in the classroom.

Promoting Positivity

One of the best ways to promote positivity in schools is by teaching and encouraging students to cooperate and collaborate with each other. This can be done through activities in the classroom and at school events. This allows students to practice there skills of inclusion and provides a deeper level of connection among the students. Additionally, this allows the students to become more comfortable with each other and to learn how to work as a cohesive unit.

Teachers, faculty, and students can work together to build a strong sense of community and promote inclusion. This can be done by embracing diversity, promoting positivity, leading by example and installing physical components to the school such as a buddy bench. Designs and colors of the buddy benches can be altered in order to match each current school colors. Through consistency and initiative everyone can work together to make sure that all students feel welcomed and supported in school.

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