Follow These Yacht Etiquettes to Make Your Vacation Extra Memorable

Oceans give us access to dreamy locations. Vacationing in a yacht is associated with serenity and luxury. Many travelers are taking yacht vacations to break the monotony of their lives and to view the world in a different perspective. Planning a yacht vacation involves the same amount of planning involved in travelling via airplane.

If you are looking for best yachts in the Sydney harbor, check out the website of Champagne Sailing. They are one the leading cruise lines in the area. They offer a number of attractive packages and are known for their 5-star service. Before you set sail on your maiden yacht vacation, be aware about the etiquettes.

Yacht etiquettes:

Let the crew know what you want: Many luxury yacht charts would require you to fill up a preference sheet that collects information on your likes and dislikes, medical issues, whether you’d like to dock in ports or quiet coves at night, food allergies etc. Take your time to fill the sheet so that the crew will be aware about your preferences.

Be kind to the crew: The yacht crew has busy days just like many other employees in the hospitality sector. They strive to make your vacation as pleasant as possible. Treat them with respect, say ‘thank you’ and reward them compliments if you are satisfied with their service.

Communicate with the captain regularly: Develop a good rapport with the captain. Captains have in-depth knowledge about the best off-beat spots. If you are facing any problem with the crew, you can bring it to the attention of the captain to sort it out.

Be open to changes in itinerary: There are situations when the captain would recommend against a particular destination owing to bad weather. Rather than insisting on sticking to your itinerary, go with the captain’s recommendation and stay clear of risky places.

Follow the ‘barefoot’ rule: The decks are expensive and fragile which is why you are asked to be barefoot on yachts. High heels and dark soled shoes are a big NO since they cause damage to the decks.

Treat the yacht like you would treat your home: Just because you are on a vacation, it doesn’t mean you have the liberty to leave things messy. Take care of the yacht property.

Be prepared to tip: Tipping is a customary practice. It is a way of showing your appreciation for their service. Tip 5 to 20% of the charter rate.

Yacht Don’ts:

  • Don’t expect the crew to babysit: Though most crews would have happy to entertain your kids, it isn’t their responsibility to babysit your kids. Don’t leave kids unattended and expect the crew to take over babysitting.
  • Don’t indulge in illegal activities: Yachts have zero tolerance towards illegal activities. You’ll face unfortunate consequences if you involve in anything illegal.
  • Don’t disrespect boundaries: Don’t venture into restricted crew areas. Refrain from entering the galley (kitchen) unless invited.

Good etiquettes go a long way and say a lot about you. Follow them and have a relaxing yacht vacation.

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