Reasons Why You Should Install Pendant Lighting In Your House

Pendant lighting was introduced as a substitute for the detailed form of Chandeliers, having similar functionality, and features. This lighting option got its name from a jewelry accessory called “pendant”.

With passing time, pendant lighting got advanced and more attractive with the use of remarkable designs, and shades of glasses. Presently, pendant lighting has become a craze in people. This article tells you more about the significance, and necessity of pendant lighting in your house.

Sofary is one of the best places online that sell pendant lighting in various designs, and styles. Its crystal pendant lighting is the most-sought after lighting option for the dining room, living room, bedroom, office and hallway.

Less detailed

Not every house is capable of implementing large-sized elaborately designed chandeliers. If your house is small, then a pendant lighting system will be ideal for you. They are minuscule in detail when compared to a chandelier. As it hangs from the roof via a string or a metal rod, it is called as a suspender.

Available in a wide range of styles

One of the major reasons why people are fond of chandeliers is that they get them in a variety of designs, and colors. That makes these pendant lights in competition with other types of lighting fixtures. They are not just functional, but also stylish and radiates elegance and illumination in difficult to light regions in your home.


Not every chandelier is appropriate for every room of your house. Versatility is its major feature. This form of lighting fixture goes well with different settings in the house. You can use them in the living room, foyers, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen too.

Looks beautiful than any other lighting fixture

Unlike other lighting fixtures, pendants lights sparkle, soften, and enlighten a place as an austere environment. A pendant light studded with dangling gemstones, or Swarovski crystals look as fancy like a chandelier, at a lesser price. They need to be treated like precious jewelry.

No need for re-modification of a place

Another important benefit of a chandelier is that it doesn’t need any form of drilling, hammering or any other means to make holes in the walls for its installation that was required in the case of the chandelier. This reduces the total time taken in its installation time and also gives you mental peace.

Suits your space, and cost constraints

One of the most important conditions in the installation of a chandelier is space. A house needs to be spacious with a high ceiling to install it. Also, chandeliers are expensive due to their detailed artwork, and beautiful look it imparts to a place.

Due to these strict considerations, not everyone is a contender to install chandelier at their place. So, for people who have limited cost, and space, a pendant lighting fixture can give them almost similar benefits at less price, and in less space. Also, it saves a lot of space in the house.


Pendant lighting displays fine craftsmanship and durability that helps a user to obtain its benefits for a longer-term. The less installation time, and availability in a variety of styles, and colors, makes it the best inclusion in your home décor.

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