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Few Reasons Why You It Is Necessary to Do Waterproofing Under the Tiles

By using tiles, you can certainly enhance the aesthetic look of your home and therefore, it is necessary that you need to protect your tiles against any erosion, water leakage or wear and tear.

One of the best ways to protect your tiling work can be by doing proper waterproofing under the tiles. This will prevent water from seeping underneath the flooring and thus avoid ruining your tiling.

Often people tend to ignore this advice and end up spending lots of money on the repair after they detect problem in future.

So, next time when you contact any tilers Sydney you must remember to do proper waterproofing under the tiles. Following are few good reasons, why we are insisting this advice.

  • Tiles are porous

As the tiles are usually porous, it is likely that moisture may often seep through them. Eventually, this may ruin your tiles and often during the rainy season, you will find tiles are leaking.

Therefore, it is very essential the under the tiles proper water proofing must be done to prevent any water leakage.

  • Indoor tiles can be too vulnerable

Since large portion of your house have installed tiles, they can be more vulnerable to leaks, erosion and other damages. Even your indoor tiles are also as vulnerable to water leakages. With exposure to any water vapour in any room may cause the mould growth on tiles.

So, prefer to use waterproofing membrane for protecting your subfloors.

  • Protects against humid climate

You need to check the local climate before applying waterproofing and you may need additional layers if you reside in such place where mostly it is rainy climate.

This will be necessary to protect your home from mould and other such problems that are generally observed in humid areas.

  • To protect your home against ants and termites

Besides mould, still there are a variety of problems which can occur due to water leakage which seep through the tiles.

Such deteriorating tiles may even attract termites and also carpenter ants which can further damage other parts of the house, and make them much more vulnerable to all kinds of damages.

  • Prevent Future Repairs which can be costly

If your tiles are found leaking then besides waterproofing your subfloors, you also need to replace all the tiles. Certainly, this will create a hole in your pocket and also incur more expenses.

To avoid such damages to happen, you need to contact any trusted and reliable specialist for waterproofing.

  • Prevents against structural decay

When water will pass through tiles then there will also be risk of the structural decay. In case your home is made of wood frame and not steel, then moisture will saturate all the framing components, that can lead to decay.

  • Protects from foundation problems

Almost every foundation repair companies will agree that water always is the main reason of foundation damage. If water will pass through your tile flooring and then into the substrate, then it will accumulate around the substructure.

This is the perfect environment in order to crack or uneven the settling.

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