Important Things To Note To Write to Make You A Good Transfer Applicant

Transferring colleges can be a bit time-consuming and overwhelming at times. More than 7 lakh students transfer colleges every year. If you also need to take a college transfer, then here are the things that make you a good transfer applicant.

Transfer Requirements for FIU (Florida International University)

FIU requires the following documentation for successful college transfer. Before you apply for the transfer application, you need to keep all the documents available to you. These are:

High school transcript, College transcript (grades, and curriculum), Recommendation letters from college faculty, Standardized test scores (the ACT, or SAT), and statement of Good standing from the prior institution.

Along with these documents, it also requires a minimum number of credits to successfully apply a transfer student. For FUI, it needs at least twelve credits.

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About FIU transfer GPA requirements

Different colleges have different GPA requirements as an eligibility criterion to admit a student in the college. FIU requires at least a college GPA of 2 on a 4.33-point scale.

What is the deadline to file for Florida International University?

Another important thing that you need to consider when applying for college transfer is its deadline. Most universities accept transfer applications every semester. Due to this reason, the FIU transfer deadline is broken down by winter, summer, fall, and spring.

It is not a wise thing to wait until the last minute for finalizing your college transfer application.  It is recommended to complete the application once every week prior to the required transfer deadline.

About admission to Brown University

As the Brown transfer acceptance rate is very low, it implies that the admission process of college is very selective. The college looks for applicants who come with a solid long-term commitment towards extracurricular activities.

The college tries to admit students from different backgrounds, and perspectives to make its undergraduate student base a reflection of the assortment of perspective, and identity.

The following statistics of transfer admission gives you a complete image of the kind of applicants that the Brown University admit.

Transfer Application Cycle                                             Spring 2017          Spring 2018     Spring 2019

Number Applied                                                                     1,866                     2,131                2,031

Percent Admitted                                                                     8.3%                     7.7%                9.4%

Number Enrolling (Fall And Spring Combined)               106                         98                   134

Number Admitted (Fall And Spring Combined)               155                         165                   190

Percent Enrolling                                                                   68.4%                    59.4%            70.5%

Average College GPA of Admits                                            3.87                       3.88              3.89

SAT Math (Middle 50% of Admits) *                               680-780           680-790           740-800

SAT EBRW (Middle 50% of Admits) *                            700-750              700-770          720-760

ACT Composite (Middle 50% of Admits)                          29-33                   32-34               32-35

In the past 4 years the Admission Office has enrolled transfer students from 218 different types of universities, and colleges throughout the world. A few colleges that have sent transfers to Brown recently are Amherst College, Boston College, Barnard College, Bowdoin College, Bryn Mawr College, Bucknell University, Carleton College, etc.


College transfer has a specific type of requirement that you need to fulfill for the successful accomplishment of your transfer process. With this important information, and following all the listed steps, you can increase your chances for college transfer at Brown University.

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