Do You Know Differences Between Good and Bad GPA?

If you have a plan to join any higher courses then GPA will become one of the important criteria to get admission to these courses. Therefore, it is essential to understand the significance of good and bad GPA.

In this article, we shall try to explain this difference that you need to understand when you are taking admission. In order to know your GPA, you may visit the website of CampusReel.

What is good GPA in comparison with national average?

The average national GPA is usually 3.0. In case you can get GPA, which is more than this average figure then you are considered to be doing quite well.   

However, it will also depend how your own college is grading you. The average GPA as indicated above is what the students of the country has scored. This consists of about 34% of the students of high school level who has not taken admission to any college.

Typically, if you can manage to obtain GPA between 3.5 and 4.0 then you can expect to get admission in a better college. Those students whose GPA is more than 2.0 may be considered for less selective colleges.

What you have scored individually on your subject will be less important here.

What will be considered as good GPA your case?

This will be much more pointed question as every school may have their own way to grade the students. However, college will only consider your GPA, no matter what you have scored in your school.

Students from two different schools can have different GPA but may have same level of academic potential. Therefore, to decide good and bad GPA, you will be considered based on three different factors:

  • Your school

In the school any 2 student may have scored same grade. However, each will be considered different as one student may be undergoing advanced course while the other may be in a lower class. College will consider more favorably for the one who is undergoing advanced course.

You need to understand that always better GPA does not mean you have scored higher but how much you are intellectually capable of higher studies will be more important.

  • Your classes

In the same way, if you prefer to take easier courses then in your class you may always score much better than another student who might have chosen a much difficult course.

However, the admission officer will not get fooled by looking your good score. Therefore, to get better chances in college admission, you must take few easy courses and choose a difficult subject only if you are interested to study further.

  • Your aims for college

If you are aiming for certain specialized course then your score on that particular subject will carry more importance during the admission to college.

No matter you must have scored very good marks on other subjects but if they are not much related to what you are aiming for then your GPA earned will be considered as bad GPA.

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