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Turning to The Right Surveyor Before Purchasing or Selling A Property Is Important

You’ve finally found a house of your dreams. Avoid getting swept away and don’t rush to seal the deal. The first thing you have to do is to get a professional to check the structural condition of the property. A survey is basically like a health check for your new home. A few hundred bucks spent now on land surveying would save you more bucks in the long run.

The survey reveals solid information on the property highlights any underlying issues and saves you from spending more money on repairs down the line. Land surveying involves finding a good surveyor, organizing access to the property, waiting for the report and interpreting all the jargon. It doesn’t sound too appealing, isn’t it? Fret not!

Land survey process:

It is pretty straightforward. The surveyor will check the property and assess its value based on its condition, the value of other homes in the area and buoyancy of housing market. If you are purchasing a new building, this evaluation will suffice. If you are purchasing an old property, a more comprehensive survey is essential.

Tips to make the right choice of surveyor:

Get recommendations:  Get recommendations from friends and check online reviews. If you are looking for a land surveyor in Newington and Kellyville area, contact CitiSurv Pty Ltd. Their experienced team will take time to understand your requirement and offer outstanding customer service.

Check their credentials: The surveyor should have the qualifications recommended by the state board. Your local board website may contain the list of approved contractors and companies. Since surveyors make decisions that have financial and legal implications, ensure you choose a surveyor with trustworthy credentials.

Opt for sophistication: Land surveying requires specific requirement and skill set. Choose a company that uses advanced equipment to carry out the survey so that the results are accurate. The company you choose must offer a wide range of services and cost-effective surveys.

Ask questions: Interview the shortlisted surveyors about what he/she thinks about the project, duration required for survey, expected cost and if there is anything else that could cause the price to go up.

Avoid giving too much importance to budget: You may be tempted to opt for the cheapest estimate but remember that you get what you pay for. Cheap surveys may result in costly long-term errors which defeats the purpose of the survey. Estimates differ based on the following factors:

  • Location of the property
  • Terrain
  • Size of property
  • Type of survey
  • Accessibility
  • Time of year
  • Vegetation
  • Level of detail

Make use of all their services:

When you meet up with your surveyor, enquire about what other aspects they can help you with. You’ll be surprised at the minefield of information they’ll provide using a land survey. For those starting a new project, this saves time and money.

If the jargon sounds too confusing to you, pick someone who lays out details in a straightforward language which benefits both the buyer and seller. Ensure you select a company which offers the best blend of reputation, experience and service.

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