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Basic Guide to Learn About the Gastric Sleeve Diet

If you plan for a gastric sleeve surgery, you must be looking forward to getting a new body. To get the best benefits of this surgery, you need to learn an entirely new way to eat during the diet. You need to follow a specific diet that you will require to follow before and after the procedure.

It is helpful in assisting in recovery from the surgery and avoids any complications. Another benefit of the surgery is that you learn healthy eating habits. You eat less, continue to reduce weight and, eventually uphold a healthy body weight for life.

What is the principle behind Gastric sleeve surgery?

When you perform Gastric sleeve surgery, you eat less and feel fuller in just small quantities of food. When you eat less, you consume fewer calories in the body and that will help you reduce unwanted weight from the body.

Gastric sleeve surgery does it by reducing the storage capacity of the stomach. This causes a reduction in the food intake capacity of a person. It makes him feel fuller a lot before than normal.

Who is the right candidate for Gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is meant for those who tried several weight reduction methods before but failed to achieve desired long-term success. It is advised for people who are obese.

People who have a Body Mass Index of 40 or above are considered to be the ideal candidate for this surgery. BMI of Texas is one of the reputed weight loss Texas institutes that offer a variety of weight loss treatments to people.

Pre-gastric sleeve diet

The goal of a pre-gastric surgery sleeve diet is shrinking of the liver size. This is a two-week strict diet that is scheduled before the surgery date. You will avoid calories and carbohydrates, such as potatoes, pasta, and sweets.

You will only eat a diet made up of lean proteins, low-calorie fluids, no-calorie fluids, and vegetables. You need to stick to the pre-specified caloric goal.

Week 1 diet

On week one diet after surgery, you will only consume a lot of water and no sugar and caffeine liquid diet to avoid post-operative complications.

Week 2 diet

The diet will comprise of full-liquid food options that include:

  • no-sugar nutritious shakes
  • instant breakfast drinks
  • protein shakes
  • cream-based soups
  • unsweetened milk
  • sugar-free, and nonfat pudding
  • nonfat and plain Greek yogurt
  • fruit juices diluted with water
  • thinned, and hot cereal

Week 3 diet

Add soft, and pureed foods, low-fat, and sugar-free food that includes nonfibrous vegetables, and lean protein sources.

Week 4 diet

After one month of surgery, add solid foods to the diet. Include easy to digest foods like

  • well-cooked chicken and fish
  • sweet potatoes
  • well-cooked vegetables
  • fruit
  • low-fat cheese
  • low-sugar cereal

Week 5 diet

Eat vegetables and lean protein foods. Avoid soda and sugary sweet foods.


Preparing for a life post gastric sleeve surgery is going to be exciting, and also challenging. Following this diet plan diligently will help you get long term weight reduction benefits of the surgery.

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