Urine Drug Test Is Coming Up – Places To Buy Urine To Ensure A Negative Result

You probably know that one of the best ways to tamper with urinalysis and avoid being fired due to the presence of illegal drugs is by using synthetic urine. The process of using it is growing in popularity among employees from all across the USA.

Remember that if you consume weed regularly, it is challenging to rely on natural detoxification, because you will need at least a month to do it.

The reality states that tests are not issues only for frequent smokers, because even people that use it occasionally can fail the test and require at least eight days cleansing their urines.

It is not simple to understand how long you need to wait to remove all traces of cannabis from our system, primarily since the number depends on your habits and other factors.

However, the problem lies in the idea that labs are noticing the ways for cheating and tampering with the results, which is why it is much more challenging to tamper with results and substitute the sample.

Apart from the idea that supervision is stricter, which means that it will be challenging to bring fake pee inside, you will be able to do it by being extra careful.

The great news is that if you are successful with passing the synthetic urine, you can give the test, but you need to know how to do it.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine, or fake pee, is liquid created in a laboratory with an idea to represent the exact substitute of human urine when it comes to composition, chemical properties, and appearance among other things.

All components that you will find in natural urine will remain inside the fake one, and we are talking about creatinine levels, ammonia, urea, uric acid, and sulfates. At the same time, the pH levels have to be the same as natural stuff, and it depends on the manufacturer as well.

Remember that here, you can check out why people are turning to fake pee as the best alternative to passing a urinalysis.

You can find it in various forms that include pre-mixed solutions as well as dried powders that you have to prepare beforehand. Remember that they come with an expiration date, and you will not be able to buy and use it a few months afterward.

Fake pee is a liquid that completely resembles human urine. The four main components are vital to consider:

  • Color – You should have in mind that synthetic urine could not contain other liquids in general, since the color has to be perfect as the natural one. That is the main reason why chemists have found ways to make it appear exactly like the real one, which means that it features standard, yellowish and warm color. If you notice a colorless fake pee, avoid it altogether.
  • Creatinine Levels – It is also vital to include solutions that real urine features to make it appear and feel like the real thing. That is the main reason why they add creatinine levels because, without it, the labs will know that sample is tampered and fake.
  • Temperature – The most crucial consideration is to fit the temperature of fake urine, especially since after peeing, the urine is lukewarm, which means that if you overdo it or if the number is lower than regular temperature ratio, the labs will know that you used substitute.
  • pH Levels – Finally, the consideration that makes the fake urine appear as the regular one is the pH level.

As you can see, using fake pee as the way to pass the drug test is a highly effective way unless you are caught. Therefore, it requires plenty of skills that you have to combine so that you can smuggle it inside the bathroom so that you can substitute the sample.

Things To Consider When Buying Synthetic Urine

A cheating drug test may end up in you being caught, and employer will terminate your contract or employment application. The problem features technical nature, because some synthetic urine is unreliable, and they can be detected by professional labs.

Therefore, you have to conduct comprehensive research that will help you choose the perfect brand that will help you along the way.

As soon as you decide to do it, you can search online, and you will find numerous types and manufacturers that will make you feel overwhelmed while searching for the right one.

Check this site: https://abcnews4.com/news/local/fake-urine-doesnt-live-up-to-drug-test-cheating-hype to see the latest regulations when it comes to fake urine.

The market features a wide array of brands, which means that it may be challenging to do it without proper knowledge and experience. We decided to present your factors you should consider when it comes to choosing the best synthetic urine on the market.

  • Uric Acid – Remember that human urine features uric acid, and most laboratories will test for the presence of it during the screening process. Therefore, you have to find the one that features all products within the uric acid that you can read on the product’s label. By doing so, you will be able to rest assured.
  • Trusted Vendor – Since the popularity of fake pee increased in the last few years due to its efficiency, the number of vendors followed that trend. Therefore, today, you can find numerous vendors and dealers available on the market, which means that you have to be careful and avoid the ones that may sell counterfeit products. You can avoid this particular problem by conducting regular research and avoid buying the ones that come with amazingly low price, because that may be fake. Try to research a bit and find someone you know that will recommend a trusted dealer. Even though they may be more expensive than others may, you will be able to use them correctly without failing the test.
  • Temperature – Finally, the temperature is the most important consideration and most challenging to get it right, because the temperature of it should be between 95 and 100 degrees F or 36-37 degrees C. The best solutions come with heating pads that will maintain the consistent temperature, and you will get a strip that will tell you the current temperature.

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