Seven Advantages of Using Mobile Banking Facility

People these days prefer to do almost everything on their mobile phones. This includes banking activities too and mobile banking is an absolutely free and a convenient way of keeping up with the finances.

Following are seven great reasons why you must download your own bank’s mobile app on your mobile phone.

  1. Availability

You need not spend hours traveling to brick and mortar bank to meet the requirements with your mobile banking. You can check your account, move your money, pay your bills and do many more at your convenience, 24/7 from anywhere.

  1. Paperless

Certainly, you will enjoy getting your bank statements in your mail. Having mobile banking, you no longer have to receive all junk mails from your bank.

It will not only be good for trees but also it is safe as you no longer have to toss away various sensitive information into trash.

  1. Control

This mobile banking will make it much easier to have total control over all your finances. You may monitor your balances and can move money to other accounts to avoid overdraft fees.

You also get alerts when you pay your bill and reminders to avoid paying late fees or setting up your recurring bill payments.

  1. Safe

Mobile banking can be safe and secure. Every reputable bank use encryption for safeguarding and protecting your identity and privacy on a mobile app.

  1. Mobile check deposit

Forget about how to deposit a check on your payday and you can download your check right from your phone. Mobile apps will also offer a mobile check deposit.

Just with one photo, you can deposit your paycheck and it will be deposited in your account.

  1. Community spirit

Mobile banking actually helps banks in connecting and engaging meaningfully with their clients. They will not have to stand on long queues and go through the inconveniences for doing transactions.

This also means that the friendly customer support team will be available to serve you all day.

Even the banks are able to provide timely information on upgrades and change in interest rates to their clients without sounding to pushy. Online banking also offers an excellent feedback mechanism to help the banks in improving their services as per the needs of their customers.

  1. No worry even if you lose your card

We have all been there. Suddenly you may realize that your card is not where you kept and that you will now have to sort out all these with frantic call to your bank and then answering all their series of security questions.

After great difficulty finally you are able to cancel it and then after few days, you find that your card is very much in your pocket where you never checked before.

With mobile banking, you will have a contactless debit card, that you are in a position to lock the card just with one tap also leaving you sufficient time to look for it, find and unlock it and avoid all those irritating security questions.

In case, you really lost then a new one will wing its way just with few taps, and it will be with you in 2 to 3 days.

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