How to Prepare for An Audition at A Strip Club?

So, have you been thinking about changing your career since a while? Do you want to try getting into a seductive lifestyle and become an exotic dancer at a strip club? Well, if you are above 18, open-minded, adventurous and want to experience new and exciting things on a daily basis, then being a dancer at a strip club will totally work for you.

However, before you go and give an audition in the nearest strip club, it is crucial to understand that the job isn’t as easy as it seems. Yes, dancing skills are important, but they aren’t the only thing. You need to prepare yourself well in advance, not just for the audition, but for the overall lifestyle that you plan to adopt. So, let’s see what the major preparations you will need are.

Three key preparations

Physical Preparation

Irrespective of what your body type is, there will be surely a strip club which will be happy to offer you stripping jobs in Miami. Nevertheless, when we say about physical preparation, dolling up is not what we are talking about.

Firstly, you have to adopt a very healthy daily routine. The only way your body will keep up with the hard work needed to dance on a stage is if it is full of energy. So, start taking healthy food right away and keep the junk stuff for weekends or so. Next, try practicing yoga for 20 to 30 minutes on a daily basis. By doing so, you will be able to stretch those swollen and tense muscles. Also, if possible, take a gym membership and workout 3 to 4 times a week.

Now, put a lot of efforts in looking great, both on off stage and on stage. You have to have the right type of hairstyle, perfect makeup, well-done nails, sexy looking outfits, and everything else that shout out that you are irresistible. Take time and pamper yourself every day, even if you are not having a performance that night.

Mental preparation

Seduction is a mind game and will need a lot of attention and wits. When talking with a new customer, make sure you pay attention to everything they say. Laugh on every joke and every comment they make. Make them feel that you are genuinely impressed and interested in them. Give them undivided attention and they will be one of your regulars.

However, not every new customer will understand and respect your boundaries. So, before you audition, make sure that you are mentally prepared to face all the ups and downs of the job. Since there will be many occasions, when the situation will become awkward and uncomfortable.

Emotional preparation

More than anything else, you need to prepare yourself emotionally before going for the audition. Keep in mind that people will judge you on the basis of the work you do, and some might even think that you are a prostitute.

Be strong and maintain a positive attitude and mindset. Also, not every night will be your best night. In fact, some days, you might simply come home with less than $10, but don’t let those days pull your confidence down. Take it slow and you will definitely grow with every day.

Lastly, have faith in your abilities and set realistic goals. Don’t allow any negative feelings, or external comments make you feel low.

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