What a Portable Gas Monitor Is

Portable gas detection monitors help you trace and measure the presence of substances that aren’t so nice to your health and safety. This battery-powered gadget flashes lights, makes sounds, and vibrates in response to certain chemicals. Read on to learn more about it.

Its Types

Gas monitors can be categorized into 2 types: metal oxide semiconductors and electrochemical detectors. The former is equipped with sensors that are made of platinum-treated wire coils. Ifthey change colors, it means that combustible substances are present in the air. Some models can indicate what kind of chemical has been found using infrared.

The other kind of monitor, an electrochemical detector, uses electrode signals to alert individuals to the presence of toxic fumes. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and chlorine are just a few of the many gases that this type can read.

Where It Can Be Used

This device can be used in a variety of settings, like in the industrial field. People who work in wastewater treatment facilities are exposed to carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. These substances are known to negatively impact health, causing humans to feel dizzy or nauseous and lose balance. In severe instances, the individual can fall unconscious after inhaling too many of these gases.

The petrochemical industry also deals with a lot of dangerous substances. Benzene, ethylene, nitrogen, propane, and toluene are just a few of the many chemicals that workers get exposed to when drilling, extracting, refining, and producing crude. Aside from the health risks that this poses, there’s also a high chance that an accident will occur, like a fire or an explosion.

In a lot of cases, using a detection monitor spells the difference between life and death. So, many industries invest in these units to prevent incidents. Residents near such sites may benefit from owning one, as well. Getting notified of leaks or excessive amounts of toxic gas in the air can help them evacuate right away and inform authorities.

Different from Gas Detectors

Because of their similar purposes, gas detection monitors may often be confused with detectors. The latter can also be used to identify and measure the presence of certain substances within an area. If a toxic vapor has been detected, the device will set off an alarm throughout the building, prompting individuals to vacate the premises.

While these gas detectors come in many types, shapes, and sizes, they’re not compact enough for easy transferring. This lack of portability is what makes them different from detection monitors.

What air you waiting for? Get yourself portable gas detection monitors today to keep everyone safe from toxic fumes.


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