How Microlearning Improves Employee Training

To make employee training more effective, one of the most important is to provide modules in small chunks that will be easier for the trainees to digest. It includes training materials that are three to five minutes in length and accessible even through mobile. The concept of microlearning benefits employee training in more ways than one, including those we will briefly discuss below.

  1. It is Learner-Driven

One thing that you will love the most about microlearning is the fact that the employees are the ones who drive it. Meaning, they decide on when to consume the learning material based on the apparent need. They select the specific module to access depending on the job they need to finish. Meaning, they get the material at a time when they need it the most and when it is most useful in their situations.

  1. It is Flexible

In line with the benefit of being learner-driven, microlearning platforms like True Office Learning improve employee training through its flexibility. This is because the materials are accessible anytime and anywhere. They do not need to be in a specific place at a particular time to participate in a training program. Instead, the learning modules are available in a format that is accessible even through mobile devices.

  1. It Improves Retention of Concepts

Training is useless if the employees are unable to retain the concepts that they learn. This is another benefit of microlearning. Compared to traditional training that bombards employees with too many concepts, microlearning is designed to be shorter. Only one learning objective is addressed at a time. The training materials are also short, making it easier for the learners to retain in their memory.

  1. It is Entertaining

There are many ways to make training exciting and engaging. Among others, one of the best is through the implementation of microlearning. Learners will love the fact that it includes videos and audio, as well as games and other media formats that make it entertaining. This gets their attention better compared to lame training programs that they get in a classroom set-up where they are forced to listen to trainers for an entire day.

  1. It is Affordable

Aside from the benefits of microlearning to the employees, it is undeniable that there are also significant benefits for the business, such as being affordable. The short duration of the training makes it cost-effective. There is also no need to spend on the training venue and transportation of employees to the training location.

  1. It is Agile

This is another benefit of microlearning on the part of the business. Adopting an agile mindset is important for business success. With this, even training needs to be agile. With microlearning, it is possible to quickly deploy the training materials to the intended users.

If your organization is not yet embracing microlearning, now is the time to change your training approaches! It delivers a plethora of benefits for both the employee and the business, so it is a win-win situation.

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