How to Choose a Jumpsuit 101

Whether you are choosing an outfit for a party or everyday event, jumpsuits are the answer for this summer. From simple, breathable cotton to elegant evening jumpsuits, jumpsuits are the must have outfit. Once popular in the 70’s, in night clubs and the office, jumpsuits are now 70% more popular than last year. Jumpsuits are a heat to toe, simple wardrobe staple. They are comfy and stylish and here are some tips on choosing the perfect jumpsuits.

Choosing a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are like dresses in that they come in many different styles, so the most important step in choosing a jumpsuit, is finding the right shape and style for you. When you are shopping for a jumpsuit, make sure you consider the event that you are going to wear it for. Once you narrow down your type of event, you can focus on the styles, fabrics, and cuts of the perfect jumpsuit. Some styles are fitted at the waist and wide legged are very flattering, and if you are tall, wide leg jumpsuits are very complementary.

When to Wear a Jumpsuit

If you are wanting to wear a jumpsuit for a formal occasion, you want to make sure the style is more formal. While a dress would be a more “safe” choice, jumpsuits can be just as classy and offer a wow factor. You might have to step out of your comfort zone, but the perfect, well tailored style in an elegant fabric could really be a show stopper.


Casual jumpsuits are the perfect staple to add to your weekend wardrobe. You can find a comfortable yet chic jumpsuit that will be a great change from your usual jeans and top. Cotton or denim varieties and differences in silhouettes will offer you fashionable and flattering options. You can wear flats, sandals, or even a lace up boot that will add some style to even the simplest jumpsuit.


While jumpsuits can be an easy outfit to style since it is just one piece, you can also add textures and color with sweaters or vests. Make sure the whole look from shoes to a belt compliments the jumpsuit. Belts can help cinch in the waist, giving you that desired hourglass figure. Choose bold necklaces or earrings that add color or texture. A chunky necklace or large pendant necklace can dress the jumpsuit up as well.

Make sure you choose an evening jumpsuit that fits your style and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.