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What is the Importance of CBD Entourage Effect?

We all are aware that cannabis is a complex plant that contains wide range of compounds. Two well-known cannabis types are Marijuana and hemp, which have been extensively researched and many numbers of compounds were identified.

Few of the most available compounds in the cannabis are cannabinoids which is also known as CBD and terpenes. Lot of researches are going on in order to discover all their potential therapeutic applications and benefits.

Latest research and few evidences have been found that therapeutic benefits offered by all these compounds are far superior when they are consumed together rather than taking it as an isolated and individual compound.

In this post, we will look into the entourage effect and help you to pick the effective CBD products after properly defining the whole plant vs isolate-based products.

What is entourage Effect?

Various research papers show that when different compounds of cannabis are consumed together then they offer synergistic interactions.

By consuming different cannabinoids along with terpenes, you can get superior therapeutic benefits as compared to taking single compound.

A typical example, is when you consume THC and CBD together then not only you can find the individual effect of each of the cannabinoid and also you will find that CBD will reduce the various psychoactive effects of THC.

Therefore, now it is believed that to take better advantage of such entourage effect, prefer to consume cannabinoid which is terpene rich rather than products which contain isolated CBD products only.

What is the single-molecule CBD isolate?

Nowadays, in the market, many companies are selling white powders which are called CBD isolate. This crystalline substance will be created through processing full spectrum extract of hemp oil until only CBD molecule remains.

With various research and evidence, it is pointing the effectiveness of product not really stripped down to single chemical, you are probably wondering about the reasons why isolates are so popular. There can number of reasons which include:

  • Isolates offer CBD option which is free from THC that is attractive to many consumers who are also subject to various drug testing and carry negative awareness of THC.
  • These isolates are produced inexpensively, but unfortunately this often may result in sourcing from any low-quality hemp.
  • All these products, though limited in effectiveness can be versatile in their use.

Though many may find isolates suiting their needs, however the unfortunate fact is that consumers usually are uneducated or misinformed about various products they will consume and choose an inferior product.

People who use products which is isolate-based, it will be eye-opening to know about additional benefits consuming whole-plant extract will offer.

Full-spectrum CBD oil can offer whole-plant benefits

While source of high-quality hemp undergoes extraction in professional lab, resulting CBD-rich oil will contain a chemical profile which reflects that of original plant material.

The whole-plant extract is called as “full-spectrum” as it contains only that which is full range of cannabis compounds that is found in hemp from where it was actually sourced from.

This wide-ranging extract may contain number of terpenes and cannabinoids that offer cooperative and neighboring benefits when it is consumed together. When it is compared to a CBD isolate, full spectrum of products will be a clear winner if it is about effectiveness.

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