Some Of The Interesting Things You Are Not Aware Of Doughnuts

Doughnuts are loved by everyone. They make the perfect party snack or a delicious breakfast meal. Inclusion of doughnuts in your lifestyle keeps you energetic. Most of us have known its taste, but not about it originated the method of its preparation, the type of benefits it offers, etc. If you are a doughnut fan, then you must learn some of the interesting facts of about it.

Doughnuts were popular as oily cakes

Many of the historians believe that it was Dutch who brought doughnuts to America. They were called as a dessert named oily cakes. These oily cakes were basically sweet fried balls of wheat dough that were mostly served in Christmas holidays.

In the middle of the 19th century, there was a woman named Elizabeth Gregory who deep-fried some dough to give to her son. Her son was a captain. While preparing balls out of the dough, she put a few nuts in the middle of it and formed a literal doughnut. So, in this way, this sweet dish got popular and enjoyed by millions of people throughout the globe.

A food historian wrote a recipe book that was written in the year 1800 in England. He had a doughnut recipe that used refined wheat flour, butter, sugar, nutmeg, yeast, eggs and nutmeg. The dough prepared by making all these things together was fried in oil or pork lard to make delicious sugary delicacy. Donuts Beaumont TX offers a wide range of scrumptious donuts in rich creamy flavors to delight your sense.

The story behind doughnut holes

Receiving donuts, Captain Hanson Gregory saw the hole in the sweet dish that made him curious about it. One of the purposes for this hole was that it enabled him to set his hands free so as to steer the container. In an interview with a popular magazine, Gregory told that he used the pepper tin cover to prepare a hole in the doughnut. This would make the task less difficult for his mother at the time of frying it. T

The hole created in the donut made it cook at a rapid rate. The hole enables the doughnut to heat uniformly at the same speed so that you don’t find any burned edges and raw center. Nowadays, baking machinery is used to create the “doughnut holes” in the shape of a ring.

Loaded with calories

Doughnuts should not be eaten on a daily basis as they are not meant to be an everyday treat. This holds true especially for those who are strict on diet. A plain glazed doughnut provides around 190 calories, five grams of saturated fat that is 25 percent of the overall RDA or recommended dietary allowance and ten grams of sugar.

Donuts chocolate pretzel provides nearly four hundred calories, nineteen grams of sugar and twelves grams of saturated fat, Doughnuts are not that healthy and nutritious.


So, these are some of the lesser known facts that not many of us knew about doughnuts. All these interesting facts about donuts would surely increase your knowledge about your favorite sweet dish and bring you closer to it.

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