Best Guide to Buying Trombone That Can Best Suit Your Requirements and Budget!

Trombones are basically brass instruments that fill the range between tuba and trumpet. As a matter of fact, “trombone” is an Italian word having meaning as “large trumpet”. It is considered to be one of the most powerful musical instruments that are used by varied range of the music genres.

However, there are many beginner adults as well as parents of kids that require some useful help while selecting this instrument that can best suit to their budget as well as needs. If you too are one of them, you don’t need to get confused anymore. Read on to know some important basics on trombone that will help you select the right one from trombone store!

Major types of Trombones

Basically, the three major kinds of trombones are trigger type tenor, straight tenor, and bass trombones. While there are other kinds too, they are quite less common. Let us get some basics on its major types.

  • Bass trombones

This kind of trombone comes with larger bell, but has the same length like tenor trombone. It is in fact larger bore version of trigger type trombone that adds second rotor for extending its low end further.

  • Alto trombones

This kind of trombone is used mainly for soloing. While it has higher pitch as compared to tenor trombone, its range can easily be covered by tenor instrument.

  • Marching trombones

This kind of trombone is even referred to as flugelbone. It appears like large cornet, but it generates true trombone sounds. This compact design is quite easier to carry around and march than traditional ones.

What can be the ideal choice for beginners?

Generally, most of the students prefer starting with straight tenor trombone to later graduate to horn with F-rotor. However, this isn’t any kind of rule to be followed by all. For instance, if the trigger isn’t used, then the F-rotor can play just like straight trombone. While deciding this, make sure to consider for how long you are actually planning to keep this instrument.

Most of the advanced players use this instrument since it offers much more flexibility in terms of tones. On contrary, for some of the specific applications, even advanced players use straight trombone.

One of the most important factors to consider while buying one is the amount that you can spend on it. After that, your musicianship level and needs can determine your choice. Make sure to even consider your interest in musical instruments and how quickly you might require or desire for upgrading your horn. The one that is specifically designed as student model can turn out to be a durable instrument.

For intermediate player, medium bore horn can be a good choice. The student having many years of practice as well as demonstrated responsibility is indeed good candidate for exploring such step-up options.

Some people, regardless of whether they are beginner or experts, just love playing trombones. Being one of them, you too will find this buying guide quite useful and will definitely end up buying the best one for you!

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