Planning A Weekend Getaway in Memphis

Memphis is the second largest city of Tennessee, which is Home of Elvis Presley and origin of Blues. It is situated alongside the Mississippi River. All the year round there are events, festivals, competitions and concerts hosted in Memphis. It is a great place for weekend getaway.

Where to stay in Memphis?

Memphis hotels are spread around the city.

  • Downtown is where the action is.
  • Midtown is little quieter than Downtown neighborhood surrounding the end of popular Beale Street and stretching to Brooks Museum.
  • East Memphis is a great place to stay even if you travel with a family.
  • Foodies cannot go wrong in booking a hotel in the Cooper-Young region.

What to do and see on weekend Memphis trip?

National Civil Rights Museum

Besides music legacy, Memphis includes the National Civil Rights Museum. It is situated on the spot, where Civil Rights leader Martin Luther got assassinated. You are taken to civil rights timeline starting with North America’s African slave trade and concluding with Dr. Martin’s assassination in former Motel Room 306.

Music legacy

Memphis is associated with all kinds of musical genres. It is home to soul, blue, and rock music. You can explore all at some cool museums –

  • Graceland – Elvis Presley’s Mansion located close to downtown Memphis.
  • Sun Studios – Small building on the Union Avenue, where the sound of rock ‘n’ roll was born. The building is National Historic landmark, where popular stars ranging from Elvis to Cash recorded their music.
  • Stax Museum – Museum is dedicated to American soul music.
  • Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum – A little of every music created in Memphis is covered in this museum.

Walk on Beale Street

You will enjoy live music ranging from blues to rock along with special drinks. It is a safe spot to wander at night.

Walk across Mississippi River

A pedestrian bridge called Big River Crossing connects Arkansas and Tennessee. It is a mile-long pedestrian bridge that spans the Mississippi. You can enjoy a bike ride or walk to get a peek of sunset against the River.

Go mural spotting

You can take pleasure in good street art on South Main or Downtown or on Watkins Street. Memphis murals are a delight to take pictures with.

Watch Peabody Duck March

Nearly a century ago, the popular tradition of Peabody Duck March got introduced. Five ducks reside in duck condo situated on the Peabody Hotels roof top. They come down every morning on an elevator and via red carpet march towards the lobby fountain. Whole procession sounds ridiculous but tourists who saw it say it is adorable.

Where to eat?

Memphis barbeque is world famous but there are some restaurants to check the local cuisine.

  • Central BBQ for Memphis style ribs to nachos
  • Rendezvous for the ribs or dry rub
  • Gus’s crunchy and spicy fried chicken
  • Beauty shop
  • Loflin Yard
  • Blue plate café

Visit Old Dominick Distillery to enjoy a unique drink called the ‘Memphis Toddy’. The standard of tipping is 15% for bartenders, cab drivers and in the restaurants.

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