Three Industries That Benefited From Electricity

The harnessing of electricity has allowed for some amazing technological advances in the modern world. There are many advantages that electricity has given society and industry as well. Certain industries have benefited from the advent and proliferation of electrical energy more than others, and this article will examine three of those industries.

In between horses and the use of cars, the most common form of transportation was the use of the railroad. Railroads and trains were big business back in the early 19th century, allowing individuals in America to traverse great distances for the first time without the use of a horse or wagon. Along with this, however, came the issue of coal power and our reliance on fossil fuels as a source of transportation. With the introduction of electrical energy, railroads were able to abandon the use of fossil fuels and utilize electrical energy as a means to propel their trains. This has not only helped the environment immensely but has also saved lots of money when it comes to investing in things such as coal.

With the harnessing of electricity as a source of energy, there was also the opportunity to purchase and capitalize on its existence. Along the way, industries such as power utility companies picked up the rights to be able to dispense power to consumers within their local areas. Nowadays, electrical utility companies are able to make a fortune off of our regular use of power and electricity. In addition to this, the same companies are investing in an infrastructure for the future that involves cleaner energy and an enhanced focus on alternative sources such as electrical energy and solar power.

The mining industry is not one that you will think of right away when it comes to electricity, but the truth is that the mining industry has benefited greatly from the evolution of electrical energy and our ability to harness it. In past years, long ago, miners were forced to rely on gas powered lanterns in order to light the way in dark tunnels during their dangerous work. Now, miners are able to utilize electrical lighting as a means to illuminate their work area and avoid dangerous gas lamps that are not only costly, but are fire hazards as well. With the creation of equipment that increases the safety of miners, such as contact tips and replacement contacts, the mining industry has grown immensely not only from electrical energy, but from other technological innovations also.

Electrical energy has certainly changed the way that many people live their daily lives. From the time that it was harnessed until today, it has undergone many changes and has been delivered to consumers in a variety of forms. Whether it is the railroad that abandoned fossil fuels in favor of electrical powered trains, power utility companies that were able to capitalize off of and profit from our use of electrical energy, or those in the mining industry who were able to increase their safety through electrical lighting and other technical Innovations like contact tips and replacement contacts, electrical energy has certainly made a big impact in many different industries.

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