Phoenix – A Diverse City That Provides Options to Everyone for their Living

When you live in a metro city, there are various factors that are counted. The kind of job you hold will let you decide the type of accommodation, lifestyle and eating habits. No doubt a city influences the standard of living. If your job or unavoidable circumstances move you to Phoenix, Arizona, which is the most populous city, then you will have to pay attention to many factors.

Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and also the 5th populous city in US. It is the only state that has a populace of more than 1 million. Tourist industry is the biggest contributor to the city’s economy. However, now the real estate, finance, retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries too have become big contributors. Phoenix currently has stable businesses and is the hub of some of the major companies. Even though the economy is increasing, still cost of living in Phoenix is relatively low.

Here are some common expenses that you may incur while residing in Phoenix –

  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Taxes
  • Personal expenses


The biggest benefit of staying in Phoenix is its rental market. The apartments relatively are less expensive compared to other cities like San Francisco, Denver and Atlanta. According to the survey it is proven that Phoenix provides rental 3 percent lower the national average rate of rent. If you stay in the heart of city you might pay a monthly rental of not more than $1000 a month. However, if you stay in outskirts this price can further go down to $700 a month.

This means half of you burden is gone because majority of your income isn’t being consumed by rent. If you also plan to buy a house, you wouldn’t have to pay mortgage which is more than $997. So, you can enjoy the desert sunset and sunrise with wonderful climate in an affordable city.


Utility bills like electricity and water can be a concern during summers, when you use air conditioner or extra water for garden and swimming pool. However, this can also stay in control depending upon the size of house. The bigger your house more will be electricity consumption and vice versa. It wouldn’t only be your electricity or water bill, but in winter you might need to heat water and garbage bill may also be high for bigger house. However, winters aren’t very shocking as you might not need heater. Therefore, it is up to your house and lifestyle to manage the utility bill.


Gas price is relatively low in Phoenix. However, the mode of public transport is so convenient that many employees and students deny using their personal conveyance. Public transport like bus, LINK and rail connect entire city properly. Every university and companies have tied up with transport department to provide discounted monthly passes to their employees and students. Even if you don’t have a monthly pass, the ticket is as cheap as $4.


Phoenix residents are foodie so you can get restaurants in every corner of the street. However, eating in restaurant is way cheaper compared to other cities where you have to pay your weekly salary to get a full course meal. $13 is maximum what you can pay for noon meal and for a three-course meal, $50 is sufficient. Groceries depend upon the number of family members in a house, still bread, milk and eggs are cheaper but pizzas are expensive.


I hope you never have to visit a doctor while staying Phoenix, but in case you want to see one, don’t worry, as it is very cheap and affordable. From doctor’s fees to medication all are less expensive.

Now you know that it’s easy to live with the lifestyle in Phoenix. However, if you eat in a restaurant daily and avoid taking public transport, but prefer your own conveyance, then you might run short of money by the last week of the month. Hence, spend wisely and stay happy.

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