Tips for Effective Crowd Control

Whether you’re preparing your venue for a large event or you’ve gotten so large that you need to start creating lines for your regular customers, crowd control is a delicate situation. Handled correctly, it can help the public get where they need to go quickly and efficiently and make their time in your building a more positive one. Crowd management is a vital part of the customer experience, and there are a few ways you can make it go as smoothly as possible.


Most people directing the flow of people know that signs are important, but if you want to make your signage more effective, you can first strategize to find the best way to make the signs and the best places to display them. First, you need to make your signs legible. Make them large with clear writing and as little text as possible, for the sake of clarity. In many cases, it helps to have a picture with that text to reach more people. Your signs should also have a consistent design throughout the facility so that people know what they’re looking for. Be sure to mark off anywhere the public should or shouldn’t go, including signs pointing them in the direction of important features like bathrooms. You can even put signs on the beginning and end of retractable belt barriers to help them queue more effectively.


While the public is waiting in line, you can always provide some sort of entertainment to help the experience, but the best thing you can do is give them a short wait time. Make sure you put up some kind of guide like a retractable safety barrier so that people know where to wait and so that the line doesn’t get jumbled. The fastest way to get people through is generally to have one line that can go to multiple cashiers or service people instead of having a different line for each cashier, in case there are problems or hold-ups at one of the registers.


A big part of crowd management is to prepare for as much as possible. Figure out how to deal with situations like a temporary closure. Make sure you have places to send people and adequate spare signs and retractable safety barriers to get people through any detours. Your staff should also be trained so that you can rapidly deploy them to a site. For instance, if they need to block off an overflowing toilet or a large spill, they should know what to do and where to find all necessary equipment. If you want to learn more about potential emergency situations and how you can prepare for them, make an appointment with a crowd management center today.

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