The 5 Main Uses of Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Cables and wires can be found just about anywhere. Heat shrink tubingis very useful in terms ofa cable’s protection and enhancement. Heat shrinkable PTFE tubing, or just heat shrinkable tubing, is a tube that contracts when warmed with a heat gun or other similar devices. Some types have a layer of adhesive on the inside to help provide a seal while others rely on friction between the conforming materials. Keep on reading to learn the uses of heat tubing.

Bundling Wires Together

The most common use of heat tubing is to bundle cables. Because of the variety of tubes available, heat tubing can bind multiple wires together. Heat tubing wires are effective in organizing cables, making themneater to look at and easier to store.

Color Coding Wires

Other people use PTFE tubing to color code wires and cables for easier identification. Doing this improves the look of the cables behind or beside personal computers or in custom cars and motorcycles. It also serves as a label for network patch cords that helps people doing system repairsto identify the right cords or wires to touch.

Insulating Wires

Tubes come in different sizes so that they can fit all sizes of wires. Heat shrinkable tubing can repair insulation problems and can perform better than the usual solutions as it provides better resistance. It also functions as a sheath that can fit snuggly over unevenly shaped wires.


Easing the Strain on Wires

Wires are often put under strain, especially when they’re squeezed into narrow spaces or overstretched. Doing this canaffect the lifespan of the cables or wires. Heat tubing can help relieve the strain on the cables and keep them in good shape for a longer time.

Protecting Wires

Heat shrinkable tubing can protect your cables and wires from damage. It provides a barrier between the cables and harmful external elements such as water, oil, and chemicals as well as temperature and humidity.

Heat shrinkable PTFE tubing makes cables and wires extra durable, waterproof, and resistant to abrasion. Some types even meet stringent requirements that make them fit for military and aerospace applications. Heat shrink tubing is used in a variety of ways and hasdifferent features like colors, sizes, and composition. It can be used in countlessapplications.

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