Why You Should Register an Emotional Support Animal

It’s important to register an emotional support dog, especially if you expect to spend time traveling or in public places. While not a requirement, the visibility brought about by having it registered will often pave the way for acceptance of an animal in a public space that otherwise would not be there. You can find out more details by reading this blog.


An emotional support dog (or other animal) has certain privileges and while not in the same category as a service dog, it’s still afforded some legal protections and exemptions. An emotional support animal (ESA) is part of the therapy recommended by a licensed mental health professional. It’s actually prescribed to assist someone with a mental illness. They can travel on airlines, and cannot be subjected to pet bans at apartments, nor restricted due to species or size. Unlike service dogs, they do not have automatic access to restaurants or shopping malls.

Why Register

Especially if you spend any time in public, seriously consider going through the process to register an ESA. In addition to having your animal (and here we will focus on it being a dog) on a national database that can help find it in the event you get separated, you will be provided with identification cards to carry with you. As important, you can also secure items that will visually identify your dog for emotional support – tabs for the collar or leash; patches to put on a dog sweater; vests; collars and leashes. These items are not meant to allow you to overstep your bounds, but may go towards helping someone understand why you have a pekinese, and not a Labrador retriever or German shepherd, as a registered pet you keep with you constantly.

What If I Want to Get Started?

If you have some emotional or psychological challenges, such as PTSD, and find significant comfort with an ESA, we can help you get the animal officially designated as one. We can recommend a licensed mental health agency that specializes in handling patients online and/or via telephone. They will be able to help secure the proper prescription for your animal. In addition we will walk you through the entire process of getting your ESA registered and providing you with the comfort and support you need.

Being able to register an emotional support dog can create a life changing opportunity you should not let pass.

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