Reasons That You Are Not Getting Benefits from Home Waxing

People choose to perform waxing at home, as it saves money and gives them convenience. However, sometimes this at-home waxing approach does not give them the results they are looking for. If you are also struggling with the same problem, then this article is for you. Here you will learn what is preventing you from reaping the benefits from your at-home waxing treatment.

Pay attention to the length of the hair

It is very important for hair to be of sufficient length to hold onto the wax. Only then you can see results from the treatment. Hair that is less than one-fourth inch won’t stick to the wax and so, pulling them will not be possible.

Also, this doesn’t mean that you need to grow a lot of hair to get waxed. When the hair that you are waxing is too long, then it can cause more pain, missed or broken hair. So, you need to wait for the hair to at least reach the length of 1/4th cm to see the benefits.

Have patience to let your hair grow till this height. is one of the best places to get waxing treatment to get effortless beauty with less effort.

Direction of pulling the hair

Another important consideration that might have deprived you of getting the desired results is choosing the wrong direction to pull your hair. In case of waxing, you need to apply the wax in the direction of growth of hair.

You need to remove hair quickly in the direction opposite to the hair growth. This rule has to be remembered each and every time you are going to get yourself waxed. If you don’t follow this rule, there are chances that you won’t reap the results that you expect from it.

Surface of the skin

If you have reached till here, it means that you have waited for your hair to grow till 1/4th cm and performed waxing in the right direction. Still, there is one more thing that is responsible for not getting the right results from waxing. It is the surface of your skin.

There can be something on your skin that is repelling the wax. You need to think about cleaning your skin first. Preparation of the skin is very important before you actually start with the treatment.

To make your skin ready for the treatment, all you need is to use a pre-wax cleanser, a gentle body cleanser or facial cleanser along with a clean cotton pad. This will help in swiping away any moisture that remains on your skin. It is also required that the skin has to be dry before you apply wax on it.

A pre-epilation powder is effective in not just absorbing excess of moisture, but also aids wax to stick to your body hair in place of getting stick to the skin. Not just this technique will lead to lesser pain but also helps in removing a lot of hair.


So, now that you have understood the reason, you can ensure to prevent these mistakes in your next waxing treatment.

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