Building the Perfect Night Club

It takes a lot more than a hip downtown location and a crowd control stanchion outside the door to make a fabulous night club. Creating the hottest spot in town takes months of planning, coordinated marketing efforts, and maybe a few favors from some influential friends.


While some hot spots seem to appear overnight, in reality, it took months before the owners could open their doors.

It is very rare for a space to be perfect as soon as club owners find it. They generally need to do at least some demolition and build out on the space, which will requires submitting plans to and getting approval from city authorities for construction.

Once construction begins, the owners must remain aware of local noise ordinances and regulations for storing and disposing of building materials.

When the space is built and finally ready to open, there is, of course, the matter of the liquor license. Depending on the location, the owners will also need a business license and possibly a food safety inspection.

 Establish Demand

Once the owners have waded through the sea of red tape to open their club, they want to make back some of the money they put out for licenses and construction. They may think that lots of open hours is the best way to go.

Experts in the industry recommend that owners fight the urge to be open all the time, however. They suggest that a feeling of exclusivity is what really creates buzz around a night spot. Many successful night spot owners agree that it is better to be open one or two nights a week. This creates a sense of urgency around the times that a club is open. The owners can also put a great deal of attention and care into those nights without becoming exhausted.

 Create the Atmosphere

Every hot night spot needs a signature sound. Industry leaders recommend setting aside money for the best quality sound system, and the cash to attract top DJs whenever they are available.

In addition, night club owners should be clear about their demographic, and relentless about saying “no” to people who do not match their concept. This is why many places have a dress code, and door staff who are picky and tough about who gets to come inside.

No hot spot is complete without celebrity clientele. The most successful places make a point of protecting the privacy of their A-list guests so they will safe coming back again and again.

A crowd control stanchion and a good idea are only the start to the focused hard work of building the next, hottest club in town.

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