Ask These Before You Sign with Any Event Venue

Selection of a venue for the program intended is a monumental task. Events like corporate meetings, charity fundraiser, academic conferences, workshops etc. have different requirements. So, the venue you choose should fit the bill perfectly. Any glitch during the program, will leave a permanent black mark in your professional record.

You can find professional organisers to provide event space rental in Miami. There are certain parameters that needs to be ticked before you finalise your venue.

Cost, conditions and discounts

You need to get the rent and the amenities that comes with it, clearly spelled out. The rates vary depending upon, whether you are booking on weekdays or weekends. Find out the cancellation rates and their cancellation policies.

Slippage or attrition is expected in any event. Make sure policies related to this is defined clearly in the rental agreement, in case the venue is providing rooms and services for the attendees. Double check the amenities, services and staff, that come with the prescribed rent.

Amenities and staff available

You have to make sure that the venue caters to the needs of your program. Time taken for changing the set-up of a room, say from a lecture to a workshop session, should be minimal. In case, your program is related to a medical workshop, the venue should be able to support a few lab experiments.

The venue should offer easy accessibility to rest rooms, prayer rooms, Mother’s rooms, changing lockers etc. Know how well the staff are experienced in handling registration, reception and guiding attendees about the venue. Find out how many parking lots and parking assistants, is part of the rental agreement.

Technical facilities

Free Wi-fi is a must at any event. Find out, the strength and accessibility of Wi-fi in the venue and check out the payment details. Find out the capabilities of the venue in terms of AV and HD requirements. Some venue provides their own staff for technical assistance for the event.

In case of any equipment that needs to be loaded-in the venue, find the procedure. Also, have a list of cameras, microphones, lecterns and other accessories that are provided by the venue. Also, make sure the technical experience of the staff is enough for your event.

Food and beverages

Most of the event organisers need to have a list of preferred catering services. However, a few venues offer their own. Check out what you need and make sure the menu is varied enough to satisfy the appetite of your cosmopolitan attendees of the event. Ask the venue organisers, if food trucks are allowed on the premises.

Security services

In case, you are setting-up costly equipment and accessories a day or two, before the start of the event, make sure the venue has sufficient security. There should be 24×7 closed circuit monitoring. Make a clear set of demands with the venue manager, with regards the security, during the drafting of the rental agreement.


A neat exercise in vetting a prospective venue will save your time and money in the long run. It ensures smooth and successful completion of the event. This will prevent any unexpected difficulties for you.

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