How Big Aquarium Will You Need?

Many often cannot decide the size of the aquarium that is right for their home. As a matter of fact, it is the actual size of the tank, amount of gravel that you need to fill it, the size of filter will dictate the size.

You may also wonder if the tank size is too big then after it is filled with water how heavy the aquarium will it be.

In this post we shall share how you can decide the size of your aquarium.

Tank size

You can find aquariums in various shapes and sizes. Though there are many custom sizes too available however most of aquariums maintain certain standard size. You must know size, weight and shape while choosing your tank and stand, and also location to place it.

As far as dimensions of any standard tank is concerned how much should be their weight particularly after you fill them completely with water, all this information can be found in the chart for aquarium size. Fluval usually deals with all such products from whom you can get all the information.

Heater size

Following are few tips to decide the size of the heater:

  • Always keep one extra heater with you as in case it fails during winter on holidays when usually pet shops remain closed then the spare heater will be replaced.
  • If tanks are fifty gallons or even larger, have two smaller heaters in place of one large heater.
  • In the recent years, mini heaters will become quite viable. If you are having fish which needs tropical heat then such heater will be preferable.

Filter size

If you are not too sure about the filter size then the thumb rule is that the entire water in the tank must pass through your filter minimum 4 times per hour. That will make it quite easy to calculate as per your need.

In case it is in the borderline, then move to higher flow rate. As an example, a 30-gallon tank will need flow rate of minimum 120 gallons per hour. In case the filter selections are 100 to 150 gph, you must buy the 150-gallon one.

Amount of substrate?

Your aquarium must be filled up to 2” depth of substrate. Decide how much gravel will be needed to do that. Whether 1 bag or 3 bags that you need to decide. In case of substrate of standard gravel/rock based, general yardstick to use is 1 pound of substrate per gallon of water.

In case, the aquarium is of unusual shape, then it will need more or less amount of substrate than that which is particularly true while selecting substrate meant for planted tanks, because plants have specific needs when it will come to substrate depth.

Amount of fish food

Usually, everyone overestimate as far as fish food is concerned. Fish owners may end up buying extra amount of food and ​overfeed their fish. Also, fish food may not retain the nutritional value for much longer after the package gets opened.

The container shall be discarded after a month. Therefore, until you get familiarized about how much your fish eat, buy a smaller container of food.

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