Get Familiar with The Kind of Disco Clothing Men and Women Wore

The disco era changed the pop culture dramatically in 1974 and lasted for over a decade. The disco music reigned the club scenes and is still revived at disco-theme parties. In the recent years, you can enjoy dancing to disco music wearing the 70s disco clothes. The disco clothes you wore had to interact because with spinning disco balls, loud music and flashing lights there was hardly any chance to communicate.

Disco clothes were even seen on fashion streets as well as in work wear. There was hardly any distinction in men and women’s wear. The hippie ethos took over, which means throwing everything and anything together and wear it with pride.

Women’s disco clothing 1970s

Disco damsels wore either very tight or very loose clothes. The aim was to stand out and wrap dress was that decade’s popular design. This dress was a big hit, it appeared at workplace and on dance floor. In the mid to late 1970s, glittery dresses were seen on dance floors but soon it was swapped with metallic wrap dress. The dress was sexy but friendly to be worn by damsels of all ages.

Movie stars wore flowing chiffon gown designed from shimmering materials. Majority of women copied this style including Grecian draping, empire waist and long leg cuts. It brought elegance to dance floors.

Women even wore hot pants to dance floors for a simplistic look. The bell-bottom pants were paired with halter-neck tops along with platform boots and sling back sandals. Some ladies wore solid tights underneath, resonating the miniskirts. Plunging necklines and boob tubes on top were trend of those days.

In the waning days of 70s baggy bell-bottoms disappeared and skin tight body-wear appeared. Leotards, stretch pants and bodysuits became the characteristic of club scene. To glow better under disco balls, women accessorized with feathers, sequins and bright make-up.

There are few rules to be followed by women while choosing disco costumes. First the top or the bottom needs to be shiny but not both [except for a jumpsuit]. Second the top has to be loose, breathable, cropped or sleeveless. Thirdly, the bottom fit has to be snuggy, so as to highlight the body contours.

Make up was heavy, especially eye shadow, false eye lashes ad eye liner. Therefore, never hesitate to exaggerate because the disco era was big shoulder pads, big hair, and bold makeup.

Accessorize with big glasses, large handbags and oversized bead or gold jewelry.

Men’s disco clothing 1970s

Ruffled shirts, gold jewelry, and long hair was cultural mainstay. Hot pants were all time favorites. Platform boots and jumpsuits were popular amongst both sexes. Three-piece suits were offset by wide lapels and plunging necklines. Shirts were worn unbuttoned over bell bottom jeans.

For disco costumes choose fabrics like nylons, polyester, jersey blends, and spandex because they shine under the disco lights. Men’s footwear was influenced surprisingly by the gym shoes because dress codes grew very casual. Add volume to hair to style it like an Afro. Men wore a lengthy medallion necklace that rested on their bare chest inside an open shirt.

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